E-commerce Integration

To integrate your e-commerce solution with Verifone's payment platform, use the link below for download and follow the instructions in the integration-kit.

Included in the integration kit

  • Integration guide for our integration solutions Hosted-Pages and Server-to-server.
  • Integration Checklist
  • Recurring payment Implementation guide
  • Saved card and one-click payments - quick guide
  • Swish set up guide
  • Getting started guide
  • Key generating tool "key-pair-generator.jar" for generation of private and public keys for you production environment
  • Keys for test to use i your test environment
  • Coding examples for Java, .Net and php.


Keys and Certificates

For Certificate and Public key, please see links at the bottom of this page.

Swish for eCom

Click here for info about Swish in your e-com solution.

How to get started with Swish for e-com

Payment link

Click here for info about our e-com solution Payment link

Payment modules for Opensource platforms:

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
All required information and instructions are provided for each platform in the download links at the bottom of the page.


Tips and Tricks

Verifone eCommerce Subsequent charges

It is possible to create subsequent payments with the payment methods that the buyers have saved into Verifone eCommerce system. The process is similar to recurring payments, i.e., first the available payment methods are listed using the server interface method 'list-saved-payment-methods' and then the actual recurring payment is executed with method 'process-payment'.

Payment host address

  • https://epayment1.point.fi/pw/payment
  • https://epayment2.point.fi/pw/payment
  • https://epayment3.point.fi/pw/payment (inactive) Do not use!.

Links and downloads

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